Benefits of a Party Bus

Planning a large event for friends and family to celebrate a wedding, birthday or anniversary? If so, renting a party bus can ensure that your loved ones arrive at the event in luxurious fashion and in one piece. These buses take limos to a whole new level by offering comfortable seating for up to 40 passengers, various wet bars, dance floor complete with mood lighting and surround sound audio and LCD flat screen televisions for watching the game. Here are the top reasons to rent a party bus for your next corporate gathering or family event:

1. Get Home Safe without Fear of a DUI:
Leave the designated driver at the door and ensure a night of fun and laughter by opting to let your guests be chauffeured by a responsible, safe and trained driver. Every bus driver has the experience necessary to navigate any road condition and ensure that your evening is one of fun and not blinking blue lights.

2. Room for Everyone:
With each party bus capable of holding up to 40 passengers there is no limit to the amount of people who can be invited to your next event. Whether it be a ride to AT&T Park for to watch the Giants or for a wedding near the Golden Gate Bridge, each bus offers space for everyone. Best of all, because the buses are designed to host large groups of people your guests won’t be sitting on top of each other. Instead, guests will have plenty of room to sit and space to find their groove on the dance floor.

3. The Value for the Price:
Think of one of these buses as mobile entertainment. Where else can your guests dance, drink, talk and watch television while on the move? Furthermore, considering splitting the total bill with the number of guests who are attending. Once split, the bill will seem considerably smaller to each attendee.

4. No Planning Involved:
Instead of worrying about getting from Point A to Point B, let the bus driver coordinate the logistics. With a party bus, you’ll receive door-to-door service that will pick you up at your door and deliver you to the event with plenty of time to spare. Furthermore, these buses provide so much on-board entertainment and amenities that it may not be necessary to book an event. Those planning a bachelor party, birthday or anniversary celebration will find that a tour of the city aboard the party bus is more than enough entertainment.

5. Unlimited Alcohol with Bring Your Own Beverages:
Prior to booking check with each company to ensure that there isn’t an alcohol policy. Many party bus companies will allow guests to bring their own alcohol, beverages and food onboard to create the ultimate party atmosphere.

6. Take in the Sights:
Visitors to San Francisco may want to book a bus with their friends to gain access to the hottest nightlife venues and the best attractions in the city. Don’t get lost again or fumble with your GPS by letting your driver chauffeur you from one hot spot to the next.