How to Choose the Right Party Bus Rental Company

Everyone likes to party but the process of selecting a party bus rental service is few people’s idea of a good time. However if you want to have a fun and safe night without it costing you a fortune, then you need to spend a little time doing your homework. Below you will learn what you need to know before selecting a party bus company.

Find out if you can call your driver directly
Some party bus rental companies will be happy to provide you with your driver’s cell phone number so that you are able to communicate directly with them. Other companies require that all communications are placed through them. Determine which of these is the case and if it meets your needs before hiring the service. If you are able to obtain your drivers phone number this can be very useful to have.

Determine the full cost of the trip
When you hire a party bus you will often be provided with a base rate. This base rate does not include any tip for the driver. As the driver is a service provider this will usually be expected at the end of the evening. You should plan to spend between 15 – 20% on tipping the driver of the trip. Some party bus rental companies will include this tip in their quoted price. Be careful that you are using the true cost of the trip when comparing between companies.

Ask about any additional charges that you might incur
Party buses can be a lot of fun but once the alcohol and good times get started it is easy for things to go wrong. Your trip may take longer than you’re planned or the bus may be damaged. When choosing your party bus, ask whether there are any potential additional costs that you might incur. Be sure to understand under what circumstances these costs will be added to your final bill.

Ensure that the party bus is licensed and fully covered by insurance
Party buses need to be fully licensed for the locality that they are operating in. They should also have comprehensive insurance. Some companies will seek to avoid these costs by failing to get the proper licences or by not being fully insured. Companies which are properly licensed and insured will be happy to share this information with you.

Find out what audio system the party bus uses
You don’t want to find out when you are already on the bus that you are not going to be able to listen to your carefully chosen list of your favourite tunes because the bus only has a CD player. Some party buses will comes with MP3 input, iPod input and a DVD player in addition to the de rigor CD player. Make sure that your bus is going to be able to meet all your audio needs.

Choosing the right party bus rental company can make a good night into an unforgettable one. The right company will ensure that you have a safe, reliable trip at a cost that meets your budget.